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  UM110 - Description  
The UM110 laser beam diagnostic system has been designed to make beam monitoring simple and easy. Even process operators, who may not have wide ranging knowledge of beam characterisation, can routinely assess the condition of their laser beams in order to minimize downtimes and production failures.
Advanced electronics and control systems combined with a unique detection system offer the user a wide range of features that combine to produce a simple and effective beam monitoring solution.
For less than US$ 8,000

Key Benefits:

  • On-line beam analysis.
  • Simple User interface.
  • Rapid problem identification.
  • Compact size for permanent mounting at the head or in the beam path.

The unit has no serviceable parts thus requiring no maintenance for normal operation.

Potential Applications:

  • In-process beam monitoring.
  • Tool for service engineers for system set-up.
  • Quality control tool for laser manufacturers.
  • Research and development activity.
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